The initial consultation is a one hour face-to-face meeting, however phone or Skype consultations can be arranged at the clients request.

The purpose of this consultation is to assess the client’s needs. Support may be needed with accessing health services, education services or identifying social supports within the community.

A personalised action plan will be created, ensuring that all action plans are ‘Person Centred’. This means that:

  • The client is central in all decision making and their wishes inform the planning process

  • Family members and friends are considered partners in the planning

  • The plan will reflect what is important to the client, what changes they want to make in their lives and the types of support they want to access

  • As community integration and support is fundamental in ensuring mental and physical well-being, all action plans will support the individual to access local supports within their own communities

  • The action plan is an ongoing process and can be reviewed and amended to meet the evolving needs of the client