about ASC

Diarmuid Heffernan and Kirsten Hurley are co-founders of, and lead consultants for ASC. 

We have a passion for supporting people with autism and have done so for many years. 

ASC is an exciting opportunity for us to work with more people with autism, collaborate with other organizations and grow the resources available for the autistic community in Ireland.

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Why ASC?

ASC stands for 'Autism Spectrum Consultancy'.

It also stands for Autism Spectrum Condition or Autistic Spectrum Condition.

Many people prefer the term 'condition' to 'disorder' (so Autism Spectrum Condition as opposed to Autism Spectrum Disorder) but there are arguments in favour of using both terms.

ASC (the organization) favours the use of Autism Spectrum Condition but we use also use the term ASD (as this term is becoming increasingly well known).

In addition, we may use the terms autism and Asperger's syndrome.

You can learn more about ASC by watching the video below.

 Launch of ASC - 22nd September 2016 (Video)